CS' Rage of Demons

Session 1


On a caravan destined for Hillsfar, three adventurers met up through unlikely means. Valerya Delmuth, a plucky Half-Elven Bard. Darrak Ironshield, hardy Dwarven Fighter. Durwyn Sunmantle, Holy Cleric of Lathander. One night, a raving madman came crashing out of the woods, spouting prophetic garbage. Or so they taught. Trying to follow his track into the woods, they found out he had been wandering in circles for days. But a note found on his body, containing more prophetic nonsense, actually proved to be more informative.

A series of clues led them around the outskirts of Hillsfar, rooting out evil in their path. Saving a lost Tiefling. Clearing a nest of two-headed demon goats out of a barn. Helping a young half-elven girl to keep her farm, while saving a gnome out of the clutches of duergar bounty hunters. Failing to stop an evil ritual, releasing an ancient evil onto the land. A rothé headed, giant man thing. Clearing a shadow from an old temple of Waukeen.

After completing all these tasks, they were ready to recieve their accolades, and just rewards. Instead, what they recieved were poisoned bolts and a descent into darkness.



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