CS' Rage of Demons

Session 11

"2nd best dunegeon ever" - Quote, DM.

After traversing the chasm of spiderwebs, the two goblin guides left the party after recieving their payment. As the party moved along in the underdark, Kharazim spotted a hidden cave entrance. The party decided to investigate the cavern to see if they could find any supplies or treasure. However, as soon as they entered, the roof behind them collapsed, and they found themselves trapped inside a cave with no renewing oxygen supply, and the water level on the cavern floor slowly rising.

As if this wasn’t enough, the cave was filled with an armada of grey Oozes, and even a few monstrous black Oozes. Gnez and Darrak, having their armor and weapons corroding away, had an increasingly hard time fighting. Kharazim could not fight the Oozes without taking severe corrosive damage in return. Both Gnez and Darrak had near-death experiences, while Kharazim stands on a sliver of health. Due to lack of air, the whole party is exhausted, and soon, they will need to start swimming just to move around in the cavern.

Could this be the end? We’ll have to wait for the next session to find out…



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