CS' Rage of Demons

Session 5

A "not so friendly" town.

After barely escaping the Prince of the Abyss, the party put all their trust in the duergar Hemeth. He was their only hope of successfully navigating the Darklake if they were to ever see Gracklstug. Hours on the pitch black lake soon turned into days, which in turn became weeks. Days passed without the party ever finding food. At times they were on the brink of exhaustion. One day, they came across a cave entrance, emitting a faint light. It turned out to be a spider-lair. Containing cocooned victimes of the arachnids, and a magical light gem.

The party decided to open up the cocoons to salvage what was possible from the dead adventurers that lay within. To their great suprise, when they opened the second cocoon, a big and burly half-orc stumbled out from it. Weakened, but alive. He introduced himself as Gnez. Not the brightest of lads, but what he lacked on that front he made up for with his physical strength and… a “fascinating” personality. He joined the party in their mutual quest of getting do Gracklstug.

After many perils, including water elemental, flying tentacle brains with beaks, mad gnolls, hooked bird-like horrors and naga-like creatures of the depths, the party finally arrived at the Duergar city. The welcome was not what the party had hoped for however. Valerya foolishly, and despite warnings, decided to haggle with a duergar trader. When she offered him a piece of duergar-armor, he called the guards. And despite the fact that the adventurers helped the duergar take care of a mad stone giant, they were still put into a cell. A similar room to the one they had escaped from a mere month ago.

The Underdark is certainly not a friendly place for a group of surface-dwellers…



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