CS' Rage of Demons

Session 8

Light in the end of the tunnel.

After innumereable difficulties, both in form of sickness, madness and monsters, the party starts to get an overwiev of the enormous cavern they are in. They uncovered what seemed to be a ritual site for making stone giants go insane. Stonespeaker Haggram will be pleased to learn about this. Aside from Kharazim and Darrak regularly losing control, only to stand still and laugh like mad scientists from a Bond-movie, mosts of the challenges in the dungeon seems to be defeated. They still however need to find Droki, the durrow messenger they suspect hands over intel to the organization “The Grey Ghosts”. They also need to find the dragon egg, so that the dragon [insert name here] hopefully can send them on their way to the Svifnerblin merchant city, that in turn will lead them to the surface.



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