Darrak Ironshield


Darrak was born on a cold winter day in Earthfast. His parents were neither rich or poor. His father, Thokdrac, was an average smith working for the Ironlord Torg mac Cei. His mother, Whuzmaline, spent her days working for the army, doing small chores thats needed to be done at the barracks. He was born into Clan Ironshield, a well regarded clan in Earthfast. The clan was famed for its loyalty, giving birth to the somewhat famous quote:
“The foundation of a good mountain fortress is loyalty, integrity and honesty”

A cartoony drawing of the Earthfast dwarves in a history book named: "History of the Horde Wars

Darrak joined the army at a young age. It was the wishes of his parents that he would do so.
The hierarchy of a clan, and its laws, was very important to Darrak. His parents made him study the traditions, history and laws of all known Dwarven kingdoms.

The initial training was intense, and extremely exhausting. If you broke your oath to the army before your superiors would let you do so, both your own clan and others would look at you with disrespect. Because of this, new recruits rarely left the army. After completing initial training, Darrak was to join the Ironshield Battalion, the part of the army that was named after his own clan. They were the first line of defense in war and grand battles. Again, the Ironshield clan was famed for its loyalty. This is why this part of the army was named after it.
“The line of shields at the frontline becomes stronger with loyalty to your shieldbrothers, and with their loyalty to you

Darrak rose to become an officer within the Ironshield Battalion, a rank that was meant to be for a dwarf with his legacy. He took this responsibility very seriously. When he had spare time, he spent it drilling his recruits, becoming known for his strict set of rules, although never intentionally hurting anyone, from the outside it could seem like he was pushing them too hard. He would also keep up with his studies, and it was not uncommon to see him walking around the city with his massive book of history and laws tucked under his right arm.

The war with the alliance of goblins and orcs had been going on for well over 200 years. The city was under constant siege, and as the years passed, fighting the enemy became almost a daily activity for Darrak and his recruits. They were to hold on for another sixty years.
In 1359 DR, the city fell to the siege that had been going on for almost an entire Dwarven generation now. The frontline had been broken, and the enemy overrun the entire city.
The population in Earthfast was one-hundred-thousand, but after the frontline broke, and following the slaughter, it was down to under ten-thousand. The army of Earthfast was however able to drive back the invading forces, and save the city. When the darkness was sure to take over Earthfast, aid came from Cormyr, by the hand of Princess Alusair Obarskyr.

Alusair Obarskyr

In 1360, just a year after finally ending the Horde Wars, King Torg committed 2000 soldiers, almost his entire army that was still being rebuilt, to King Azoun IV of Cormyr to fight against the Tuigan Horde.

Azoun and his Court Wizard Vangerdahast met King Torg and the Earthfast dwarves south of Uthmerg in the Great Dale, and reunited with Alusair. After the dwarven escort sent to meet Azoun and Vangerdahast was found slain by orcs instead, Alusair feared the Bloody Skull orcs had followed them. In fact, they were later discovered to be the orcish army sent by Zhentil Keep to the Alliance. Torg prepared to withdraw from the crusade rather than fight alongside orcs, until Azoun reminded him of his honor and commitment to the crusade. Torg agreed to stay but demanded blood-payment, the deaths of the three orcs responsible for the slain escort. The dwarves then marched to Telflamm rather than travel by ship, or travel with the orcs.

The Earthfast dwarves, with the Ironshield Battalion in front, arrived at the First Battle of the Golden Way on the 3rd of Flamerule in time to save the Alliance infantry from being wiped out by the Tuigan. The Tuigan sent 5000 horsemen to surround the 2000 dwarves, but the Ironshields remained strong and crushed the attacking force between them. The dwarves then supported the remaining Alliance army. For the Second Battle of the Golden Way on the 5th, Azoun had the dwarves dig hundreds of small holes in a defensive barrier, which would cripple the Tuigan horses and halt their charge. The Alliance was victorious but Ironlord Torg was slain by the Tuigan Khahan, Hoekun Yamun in the final battle.

The dwarves interred their dead and Ironlord Torg in a stone cairn on the battlefield, and left the next day. They returned to Earthfast and their isolation and did not seek increased relations with the neighbouring states for a while.

After a year of political games, Khorek Ironshield became the Ironlord, and King of Earthfast. He was the uncle of Darrak.
He wanted Darrak to seek an alliance with Bruenor Battlehammer to help rebuild Earthfast. Bruenors efforts to reclaim and rebuild Mithral Hall was legendary. Help was sent to Earthfast, but Bruenor asked Darrak to stay and join his frontline army on his next conquest to reclaim Gauntlgrym.

Darrak quickly rose through the ranks of Battlehammers army, and he was a high ranking officer when he was a part of the army that reclaimed Gauntlgrym in the name of Bruenor Battlehammer.

Darrak Ironshield still carries his book of laws, traditions and history under his arm.

Darrak Ironshield

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