CS' Rage of Demons

Session 11
"2nd best dunegeon ever" - Quote, DM.

After traversing the chasm of spiderwebs, the two goblin guides left the party after recieving their payment. As the party moved along in the underdark, Kharazim spotted a hidden cave entrance. The party decided to investigate the cavern to see if they could find any supplies or treasure. However, as soon as they entered, the roof behind them collapsed, and they found themselves trapped inside a cave with no renewing oxygen supply, and the water level on the cavern floor slowly rising.

As if this wasn’t enough, the cave was filled with an armada of grey Oozes, and even a few monstrous black Oozes. Gnez and Darrak, having their armor and weapons corroding away, had an increasingly hard time fighting. Kharazim could not fight the Oozes without taking severe corrosive damage in return. Both Gnez and Darrak had near-death experiences, while Kharazim stands on a sliver of health. Due to lack of air, the whole party is exhausted, and soon, they will need to start swimming just to move around in the cavern.

Could this be the end? We’ll have to wait for the next session to find out…

Session 10
Let the Underdark stroll commence!

The party continued their investigation regarding derro paying with surface-coins in Cracklstugh – Without any luck in solving their investigation, this still seems like a mystery.

Getting desperate without any ideas – The party travelled into the East Cleft District. Inside the district, Terrence Aldemar tried to enthrall all the derros with decieving them to think that he was the derro-God, and all their surface-coins belonged to him! – Terrence was not met with any help nor coins, but crossbow bolts flying towards him instead!

Madness is starting to take its toll on Terrence – creating in his head, very real illusions and imaginary events.

With the help of a map to Blidgenstone – With Kharazim and Stool as navigators – The party has left Cracklstugh for now.

Session 8
Light in the end of the tunnel.

After innumereable difficulties, both in form of sickness, madness and monsters, the party starts to get an overwiev of the enormous cavern they are in. They uncovered what seemed to be a ritual site for making stone giants go insane. Stonespeaker Haggram will be pleased to learn about this. Aside from Kharazim and Darrak regularly losing control, only to stand still and laugh like mad scientists from a Bond-movie, mosts of the challenges in the dungeon seems to be defeated. They still however need to find Droki, the durrow messenger they suspect hands over intel to the organization “The Grey Ghosts”. They also need to find the dragon egg, so that the dragon [insert name here] hopefully can send them on their way to the Svifnerblin merchant city, that in turn will lead them to the surface.

Session 7
The Dungeon from Hell! Actually, it must be worse than hell...

Captain Blackshield, Stonespeaker Haggram and some svifnerblin visitors could not help the party along to the merchant city. As an act of desperation, the party agreed to help the overweight red dragon [Somebody please insert his name, forgot it] to aquire a lost dragon egg. Although the party did not speficically asked the dragon if it knew where the merchant city was, they weont solely on hope, and ventured into the West Cleft District.

A bad decision indeed. They soon found themselves in a dungeon worse than the nine hells. Toxic fungi, contaminated water, aberrations and monstrosities. Toxic spores in the air. Party member going mute, mad and blind. Several dire situations where people fell in combat. Defeated by horse-sized carrion crawlers, or thousands of spiders or centipedes. The dungeon seemed to have no end. How would they ever get out of this place?

The surface seemed to be a lost cause indeed…

Session 6
Leaving Gracklstugh

After struggling for days and hours in Gracklstugh, the party finally managed to capture the Durrow Droki, and hand him over to the captain of the Stone-Guard. They were then released fro mthe guards watch, and were allowed to leave the City. Unfortunately, the party has no clue as how to get to the merchant city. So, despite their recently aquired freedom, they have to find someone in Gracklstugh who can help them on their way forward.

Session 5
A "not so friendly" town.

After barely escaping the Prince of the Abyss, the party put all their trust in the duergar Hemeth. He was their only hope of successfully navigating the Darklake if they were to ever see Gracklstug. Hours on the pitch black lake soon turned into days, which in turn became weeks. Days passed without the party ever finding food. At times they were on the brink of exhaustion. One day, they came across a cave entrance, emitting a faint light. It turned out to be a spider-lair. Containing cocooned victimes of the arachnids, and a magical light gem.

The party decided to open up the cocoons to salvage what was possible from the dead adventurers that lay within. To their great suprise, when they opened the second cocoon, a big and burly half-orc stumbled out from it. Weakened, but alive. He introduced himself as Gnez. Not the brightest of lads, but what he lacked on that front he made up for with his physical strength and… a “fascinating” personality. He joined the party in their mutual quest of getting do Gracklstug.

After many perils, including water elemental, flying tentacle brains with beaks, mad gnolls, hooked bird-like horrors and naga-like creatures of the depths, the party finally arrived at the Duergar city. The welcome was not what the party had hoped for however. Valerya foolishly, and despite warnings, decided to haggle with a duergar trader. When she offered him a piece of duergar-armor, he called the guards. And despite the fact that the adventurers helped the duergar take care of a mad stone giant, they were still put into a cell. A similar room to the one they had escaped from a mere month ago.

The Underdark is certainly not a friendly place for a group of surface-dwellers…

Session 4
The Abyssal Prince

The four companions – Valerya, Durwyn, Kharazim and Darrak ( not attending this session, but was played as an npc ) continued their travels in the Underdark – on their way to Sloobludop with Shuushar as their Guide.

Some time before arriving at Sloobludop, the party encountered a Kuo-Toa patrol – Valerya tried at first trying to negotiate with the Kuo-Toa leader, but quickly realized that they were out for blood! The party, with the help of their allies, had another victory on this day!

As the party was getting closer, they met another patrol of Kuo-Toa’s. They were friendly and was asking for assistance. The kuo-toa leader, a religious kuo-toa, wanted to use the party as bait – in a faking offering to their traditions and God. In exchange the party would be paid handsomely, and they would be given any items that was in the kuo-toa’s ability to aquire. Without any other options, the party agreed to assist the kuo-toa’s in their request.

Everything turned out to be very chaotic during the offerings. Kuo-toa’s fighting each other, and the party did not know which side they were on, decided to stay away from combat, trying to get a better view of what was going on. Kharazim was able to free a captured duergar at the ritual site – the duergar beckoned for the party to follow him to the kuo-toa shipyard.
Shortly after combat had been initiated – a sudden loud demonic roar came from the darkness in the Darklake – bringing forth a colossal demonic creature – Demogorgon himself!

Able to escape to the West from Sloobludop – the party was able to take Stool with them, leaving all of the other prisoners behind. The duergar Hamleth also escaped with the party, serving as their guide in the Darklake, insisting that they had to travel to the duergar city.
The travel by boat proved to be a dangerous one. Attacked by underdark manta rays, and getting lured into a duergar trap – resulting in the party slaying three ambushing duergars.

For now our Heroes are safe – resuming their travel towards the Duergar city of GRACKLSTUGH.

Session 3
Mini-bonus session

Sneaked in a bonus session today. A an hour or two of RP action.

The party continued their travels in the Underdark. Darrak had an inexplainable moment of confusion and delusion. It passed after a few minutes. Unsure of the origin of the effect, the party hopes it will not occur during combat or another challenging situation. After defeating a group of gobling, led by a particulary fierce one, and a couple of horse-sized spiders (where Kharazim neary perished…), the party arrived at an enormous cave with an almost endless underground lake in it.

Session 2
The grand escape

The party found themselves captured after being sedated by a Drow slaver ambush. When they woke up they were imprisoned along with a band of different creatures, varying from an intelligent mushroom creature, to a female dwarf. Also, in the cell, they came across the monk Kharazim. Unwilling to speak at first, he eventually befriended the party.

After many days of captivity, they managed to escape, but it was not an easy task. Many handful of drow, including some elite warriors, tried to stop them. When the party realized they they were outmatched and outnumbered, they made a desperate escape by jumping down from the ledges of a city, down to a giant spiderweb below.

And where there is a web, there are spiders. And when that web is gigantic, you can place your bet on that the spiders are gigantic aswell. A few of the fellow prisoners were unable to tear themselves free of the web, and were killed by spiders, the size of horses. The rest of the party managed to jump down in the waters below.

They quickly moved on to get away from their captors. As they traveled, they had to stop to gather food and water, just to survive the harsh climate down in the Underdark. All while they were certain the Drow Scouts vere mere hours away from catching them again.

Session 1

On a caravan destined for Hillsfar, three adventurers met up through unlikely means. Valerya Delmuth, a plucky Half-Elven Bard. Darrak Ironshield, hardy Dwarven Fighter. Durwyn Sunmantle, Holy Cleric of Lathander. One night, a raving madman came crashing out of the woods, spouting prophetic garbage. Or so they taught. Trying to follow his track into the woods, they found out he had been wandering in circles for days. But a note found on his body, containing more prophetic nonsense, actually proved to be more informative.

A series of clues led them around the outskirts of Hillsfar, rooting out evil in their path. Saving a lost Tiefling. Clearing a nest of two-headed demon goats out of a barn. Helping a young half-elven girl to keep her farm, while saving a gnome out of the clutches of duergar bounty hunters. Failing to stop an evil ritual, releasing an ancient evil onto the land. A rothé headed, giant man thing. Clearing a shadow from an old temple of Waukeen.

After completing all these tasks, they were ready to recieve their accolades, and just rewards. Instead, what they recieved were poisoned bolts and a descent into darkness.


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