CS' Rage of Demons

Session 4

The Abyssal Prince

The four companions – Valerya, Durwyn, Kharazim and Darrak ( not attending this session, but was played as an npc ) continued their travels in the Underdark – on their way to Sloobludop with Shuushar as their Guide.

Some time before arriving at Sloobludop, the party encountered a Kuo-Toa patrol – Valerya tried at first trying to negotiate with the Kuo-Toa leader, but quickly realized that they were out for blood! The party, with the help of their allies, had another victory on this day!

As the party was getting closer, they met another patrol of Kuo-Toa’s. They were friendly and was asking for assistance. The kuo-toa leader, a religious kuo-toa, wanted to use the party as bait – in a faking offering to their traditions and God. In exchange the party would be paid handsomely, and they would be given any items that was in the kuo-toa’s ability to aquire. Without any other options, the party agreed to assist the kuo-toa’s in their request.

Everything turned out to be very chaotic during the offerings. Kuo-toa’s fighting each other, and the party did not know which side they were on, decided to stay away from combat, trying to get a better view of what was going on. Kharazim was able to free a captured duergar at the ritual site – the duergar beckoned for the party to follow him to the kuo-toa shipyard.
Shortly after combat had been initiated – a sudden loud demonic roar came from the darkness in the Darklake – bringing forth a colossal demonic creature – Demogorgon himself!

Able to escape to the West from Sloobludop – the party was able to take Stool with them, leaving all of the other prisoners behind. The duergar Hamleth also escaped with the party, serving as their guide in the Darklake, insisting that they had to travel to the duergar city.
The travel by boat proved to be a dangerous one. Attacked by underdark manta rays, and getting lured into a duergar trap – resulting in the party slaying three ambushing duergars.

For now our Heroes are safe – resuming their travel towards the Duergar city of GRACKLSTUGH.



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