Terrence Aldemar

Half-Elf, Bard, Chaotic Neutral.


Tall, measuring approx 6 feet. His eyes are a deep set emerald colour, with a faint sparkle. He has strong elven features and he does nothing to conceal it. Terrence usually looks to be a happy fellow with a cocky style towards most others. He is undoubtfully a handsome man, with a proud look upon his face.

His body is muscled, but not overly so. He looks to be in his mid twenties.
With a broad chest and heavily built, befitting a man of his stature and size but his features are pleasant and fused with a kindly glow that almost betrays an otherwise intimidating exterior.


Terrence was born and raised in the village of Aldemar, just outside Suzail. He was the second born child; his older brother, Lothar, was born four years earlier. The boys’ father, Godfrey, was a miner and smith, their elven mother a scribe, hired by a wealthy landlord. Terrence was the wildest of the two boys, which got him into trouble now and again. He loved to be with his father who taught him the basics of mining and blacksmithy. As the boys grew up the family fortune came to diminish for each passing day. The pauvert forced the boys to leave Aldemar. Terrence and his brother went to Suzail where they met two priest working in the local church. The priests took care of the two young men, and taught them the way of the God of Justice, Tyr.
The religious and self-disciplined life was nothing for Terrence, so he often skipped lessons and training – instead performing small thefts and working as a street-performer.

One day he was caught stealing from a seasoned dwarven fighter named Marista Malkin – instead of turning Terrence in to the autorities, she aided Terrence with getting in touch with a known instructor at the Loremasters of Cormyr – a Bardic College. Terrence and Marista has been friends ever since that day.

After joining up with the College, Terrence stopped with his life as a criminal. Instead taking up honest work as a Spellsword – and performer at local taverns.

Sent by the College to investigate strange rumors around Hillsfar – Terrence was captured by a drow surface-patrol, taken down into the Underdark as a prisoner and slave.

Terrence Aldemar

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