CS' Rage of Demons

Session 10

Let the Underdark stroll commence!

The party continued their investigation regarding derro paying with surface-coins in Cracklstugh – Without any luck in solving their investigation, this still seems like a mystery.

Getting desperate without any ideas – The party travelled into the East Cleft District. Inside the district, Terrence Aldemar tried to enthrall all the derros with decieving them to think that he was the derro-God, and all their surface-coins belonged to him! – Terrence was not met with any help nor coins, but crossbow bolts flying towards him instead!

Madness is starting to take its toll on Terrence – creating in his head, very real illusions and imaginary events.

With the help of a map to Blidgenstone – With Kharazim and Stool as navigators – The party has left Cracklstugh for now.



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