CS' Rage of Demons

Session 7

The Dungeon from Hell! Actually, it must be worse than hell...

Captain Blackshield, Stonespeaker Haggram and some svifnerblin visitors could not help the party along to the merchant city. As an act of desperation, the party agreed to help the overweight red dragon [Somebody please insert his name, forgot it] to aquire a lost dragon egg. Although the party did not speficically asked the dragon if it knew where the merchant city was, they weont solely on hope, and ventured into the West Cleft District.

A bad decision indeed. They soon found themselves in a dungeon worse than the nine hells. Toxic fungi, contaminated water, aberrations and monstrosities. Toxic spores in the air. Party member going mute, mad and blind. Several dire situations where people fell in combat. Defeated by horse-sized carrion crawlers, or thousands of spiders or centipedes. The dungeon seemed to have no end. How would they ever get out of this place?

The surface seemed to be a lost cause indeed…



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